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Consortium on Transient & Complex Multiphase Flows

& Flow Assurance

Founded in 1996 by Professor Geoff Hewitt of Imperial College, TMF brings together oil companies, design-houses, computer code developers, and renowned academics, to facilitate in-depth interaction between key experts with the aim of improving the effectiveness and accuracy of the major commercial software packages.

By improving the fundamental understanding of industrially-relevant multiphase flows the Consortium aims to improve design and safe operation of flowlines, pipelines, risers, and facilities in the oil-and-gas industry, with associated increase in process efficiency, reduction in environmental risk and associated capital and operating costs.

The TMF Consortium uses a two-pronged approach through the creation and use of unique experimental facilities enabling data measurements to be performed under realistic, industrial conditions; and development of computer codes which predict flow regime transitions, and individual flow regime properties.

Through the involvement of major universities the TMF Consortium can bring together complementary experimental, theoretical and numerical expertise in multiphase flow and related areas (e.g. Imperial, Cranfield and Nottingham). Leveraged funding from the UK Government has been available over the years to study underlying engineering science, for example, the University of Birmingham and University College London have become affiliated with TMF (through the MEMPHIS programme).

Two Phase Flow

Flow Measurement
Flow Measurement Rig

TMF research ranges from fundamental to applied involving a blend of PhD students and targeted, shorter term projects involving postdoctoral research associates. Past and current research themes include:

  • - World-leading experimental techniques for multiphase flow imaging and diagnostics.
  • - Cutting-edge numerical techniques for accurate, rapid, and reliable simulation of complex, transient, three-dimensional multiphase flows.
  • - Effective 1D and 2D models for efficient and reliable computation of large-scale features of multiphase flows and flow regime transitions.
  • - Reduced-order models where limited information is available for complex flows.
  • - Elucidating intricate coupling arising from complexities in practical situations to flow geometry and/or heat transfer.
  • - Elucidating effect of additives, e.g. surfactants, drag-reducing agents.

More information on participating in the TMF consortium can be found here.

A detailed description of the Consortium is obtainable in the TMF Prospectus and its addendum , including our current and recent projects and sponsors.