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Participation in the TMF Consortium


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There are 3 levels of participation in the TMF Consortium (Full, Associate and In-kind Sponsors)

Research projects are chosen, funded and coordinated by individual sponsors with the general progress, results and deliverables shared with all participants.

All information generated in all projects is shared with all TMF member companies (including in-kind and design house members), with all sponsors having access to all research from previous TMF projects.

Full Sponsors:

  • • Fund a project(s), taking the lead role, building the scope of work and deliverables directly with the researchers undertaking their project. Where the projects can start at any time;
  • • Typically 3 years funding commitment, e.g. a PhD study or, a Postdoctoral Researcher, with involvement in the selection of the student;
  • • Direct involvement in a project which they have identified as being of high priority;
  • • Receipt of detailed outputs from the project (e.g. reports on review meetings);
  • • Potential involvement in publications;
  • • Optional periods of attachment by the student to the company (subject to appropriate extension of PhD studies, where appropriate), and/or possible recruitment of the PhD in due course.

Associate and In-kind Sponsors:

Sponsors providing services to Operating Companies (e.g. design-houses) may join as “Associate Sponsors” at a reduced fee. Organisations developing and supplying design programs to the oil and natural gas industry may join on an in-kind basis, as “In-kind Sponsors”.

Costs (for contracts signed in 2017):

  • • “Full Sponsor” membership is a minimum of £52,000 per annum for a three year period for UK and EU students. This covers the cost of a PhD student working for 3 years and also includes provision for TMF management and organisation. For non-EU students the unit cost is £65,000 per annum.
  • • Alternately the fee could cover a more senior researcher, e.g. a postdoctoral research associate, for a shorter period.
  • • The minimum fee should be increased to cover the costs for any associated experiments, etc.
  • • “Associate Sponsors” membership is available for companies providing services to the Operating Companies (for instance design-houses) at an annual fee of £17,000.
  • • A Participant who did not participate in TMF4 or TMF5 will be charged a one-off buy-in fee of £9,000 for access to previous TMF deliverables.
  • • “In-kind Sponsors” membership is for organisations developing and supplying design programs to the oil and natural gas industry. Their level of input should be commensurate with the fee paid by Full Sponsors.